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**NEW** Session4 - Happy but Hungry

**NEW** Session4 - Happy but Hungry

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Created in an exclusive collaboration with Noah Ohlsen, this Session4 Special Edition embodies everything that Noah's Happy But Hungry community stands for.  Have fun, enjoy the ride, but never be satisfied.  It features all the functionality of our 4 series ropes, with a swarm of signature Noah smiley faces placed over an original tie-dye print, and the mantra "Happy but hungry" inscribed along the base. 


What's new:

  • Dual bearing system for a smoother, freer spin
  • Reinforced stem, making it our strongest rope to date. 
  • Thinner sidewalls for less weight

What Stayed:

  • 100% precision machined aluminum handles, bomb proof and guaranteed for life.
  • Patented dual axis rotation, allowing your handles to stay on the end of the rope while eliminating torque build up in the cable.
  • Built standard with our clear COATED CABLE (12ft length), but is also compatible with all colors of both our bare and coated cables!  Fast and highly efficient (although not quite as fast and light as our bare cable) our coated cable is the most durable option, can handle a variety of jumping surfaces, and is great for beginners and rope pros alike.  Click here for our cable comparison chart for a full breakdown!
  • Knurled handles for effortless grip under any condition.
  • Comes with a microfiber bag for easy storage and transport.
Ropes Disclaimer
  • If you're a bare cable junkie 'cause you just flat out need that crazy speed, be sure and stick to rubber gym flooring and other similar smooth surfaces to help your cable last longer.
  • If you're a concrete / dirt / sand / lava / anything goes kinda jumper, just be sure you're packin' a coated cable for all that adventure to help your cable last longer.
  • The cables may sting (a little) when it meets bare skin, so probably best not to jump barefoot... or naked for that matter.
  • Don't use the cable as a weapon... no, but seriously.