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RPM Training Design

Our mission is to inspire movement by creating quality products and apparel, designed to help athletes & adventurers everywhere improve performance and ultimately get more enjoyment out of the activities they love. While we are believers (and practitioners) of many training modalities, RPM began with a plan to reinvent one of the oldest and most proven training tools: the jump rope.

Unlike a barbell or kettlebell, your jump rope is highly personal and therefore one of the few fitness products everyone should own. To perform at your highest level, you need a rope that fits your height, technique, and training style. After a 2008 fitness competition motivated us to scour the market for the best jump rope, we found that there had not been a significant development in the space for decades. So, leaning on our roots in design, engineering, and fitness, we set out to create the most sophisticated jump rope the world had ever seen.

After launching our first speed rope in 2012, RPM quickly became the preferred rope of competitors throughout the sport of CrossFit. Since that time, between setting world records and creating a new platform for personal expression, we have continued to refine our own design, improving it every step of the way. And whether it's our revolutionary jump rope or another game changing product, that will always be the RPM way. Never satisfied. Never finished.

RPM Training

Championships are not won on gameday. They’re won in the weight room, on the practice field, and in the seemingly endless grind of weeks, months, and years leading up to that pivotal moment. The world’s tallest, most foreboding, peaks are not conquered by weekend warriors, but rather by highly trained, focused, and dedicated individuals who spend a lot more time in training than on the mountainside.

Surfing Mavericks is not done on a whim. Facing that cold, massive, nightmare break takes unimaginable strength, endurance, drive, and some serious nerve. So whether you are competing in the CrossFit Games, summiting Mt. Rainier, or just trying to keep up with your teenager, it’s preparation that wins the day. Train hard. Train smart.

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Pretty typical office down here at RPM... Just like our athletes, ambassadors, and customers, we are runners, cyclists, surfers, skaters, climbers, crossfitters, hikers, travelers, snowboarders, skiers, and the list goes on. But while our interests are multiple and varied, we all share one common bond; a love of the outdoors and a curiosity for the world around us. And by combining innovative design with real life functional training, we can gain the capacity to truly explore it.